Product support

At MOENCO Kaliti Machinery Branch, we fully appreciate that time is money, and down time costs, that is why purchasing both construction and agricultural machines supplied through us is not just about sales – it is about the ongoing product support.

We strive for partnership as our customers are peculiar, the investment is big and the level of urgency is high. With the understanding of all our staff to the customer in the level of feeling the pain when the machine is down, we have no luxury of giving long appointments.

Parts overview

We supply genuine parts for all the products we sell. We have also special arrangement to supply the needed parts at the customer site during peak harvesting time and at critical project sites.

We stock consumable and critical parts at our warehouse. We have also ordering procedures as per the urgency of the part needed from our suppliers to meet the demand of the customers whenever the part is to be ordered from abroad.

Parts Staffing and facilities

There are a total of 10 permanent staff working both at parts sales operation section and parts marketing section.

Our parts warehouse has a storage capacity of 600m2 and an open space for Ground Engaging Tools (GET) and Undercarriage (UC) of about 300m2. It is well organized and equipped with sufficient storage and handling materials.
Our parts counter is designed in such a way that our customers can be served comfortably and conveniently with a support of an Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) for most of our products.